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Why Podkart

Podkart provide full support to the POD-preneurs with wide range of products, designs and wide range digital services support.
What our Happy Seller Say
I have been selling via PODKart on Whatsapp, Instagram , and Facebook marketplace. As a non techie, I found this very easy and able to generate a passive income.
Akansha Mallik

You can also become a reseller with Podkart & FULFIL YOUR DREAMS

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Trusted by many Sellers


Doing this 2-4 hours daily, I  must say this really works. PODkart  keep coming up with new designs regularly . So my social account is always fresh. For some of our orders they are even faster than Amazon. Very reliable POD service . 

Kalpana Vontari

All  my customers are  very happy with the quality of products. There support  is awesome. With more than 20000+ designs almost all design needs of my customers are  met. Keep it up the  team.

Rakesh Paliwal

I have been using drop shipping service of PODkart from long.  They always come up with amazing designs.  With such a wide product range, my website always looks unique. 

Akash Singh

I keep getting customized tshirt requirements, but I was not able to get the right printing provider. Started with PODKart few  weeks back. Process is very easy, just like placing order on Amazon. They deliver 

Dhaval Modi

How does this work ?

I am Student House Maker Shop Owner Designer Influencer

Step 1

Get Order

Share Podkart Products (15k+designs) or your own products , to your website or friends network via any social media channel (FB,Whatsapp etc) and take orders. 

Step 1

Step 2

Forward order

Forward the order to PODkart, with all the order details

Step 2

Step 3

Print & Ship

We will print and ship the order directly to your customer and you make the profit on each sale. 

Step 3

What is Podkart (POD reselling)?
In simple terms, POD is the business of acquiring products through a manufacturer and selling them to customers after adding a margin. Offline reselling has existed for a long time. But now, as with all other modes of business, reselling can be easily done online. Yes, you can now start earning online without any investment and earn money from home. You do not need your own shop or inventory to become a successful entrepreneur anymore. So for those of you who have a basic understanding of business and aspire to have your own business, becoming a Podkart entrepreneur can be a good starting point.

Podkart: India’s No.1 Reselling Platform
Gone are the days when the only way to earn money was to venture out and get a full-time job. It is now easier than ever to earn money while working from home. All you need is an internet connection and a desktop or mobile device. Podkart, India’s best money earning POD supplier trusted by over 1000+ resellers across the country is here for you. Podkart has enabled men , women , students , from all over India to become independent by starting their own business. You too can join the platform and kick start your entrepreneurial journey now

How To Become A Podkart Entrepreneur?
You can now start your business from home with just a phone and an internet connection. Our resellers have earned up to Rs.25000 in a month working from home as a reseller. Whether you are a working woman or a homemaker, you can earn money online with Podkart without leaving the comfort of home.
To start your home-based business, you simply need to register on Podkart as an entrepreneur. Next, browse through different categories of products. You probably have a good idea of which categories of products you can resell your contacts. Browse through these products and select the ones you find relevant. Start sharing these catalogs and once you have received a few queries regarding the products, assign a price with an added margin to each one.

Find The Biggest Collection Of POD designs in India
Podkart has a huge selection of designs in different categories for each customer of yours. There are over 200+ design collectionsto choose from. You can read reviews and user feedback before placing an order. Some of the popular designs are Fathers Tshirt collection, Mom Tshirts collection. Podkart also conducts regular quality checks to ensure that your customers get products of the best quality.

Women’s Fashion
When it comes to fashion for women, you will find the best quality clothes at the most affordable prices on Podkart. Our curated collection includes tshirts, Croptop, Hoodies.

Men’s Fashion
Our men’s fashion collection features hundreds of options in every design, color, and pattern. You can get the trendiest T-shirts, shirts,  sweatshirts, all at unbelievable prices. 

Kids’ Clothing
Finding the right clothes for your kids is never so easy. Browse through our lineup of the most comfortable and adorable kids’ outfits.  Not just that, we also have clothing for kids of all ages.

Browse, Share, Earn: Start Making Money In Three Simple Steps
Now that you know all about our platform and product categories, its time to understand how you can start your business. Visit Podkart’s website and create an entrepreneur account using your phone number and email id. Once you are successfully logged in, start browsing through our catalogs to select products that you want to share with your friends. You can share catalogs and product images via Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook to your contacts using the one-click share option. You will soon start receiving the order request and inquiries from your customers. You can quote product prices with an added margin which will include your profit. Place the order after you receive payment from your customers.  Apart from this, you can also earn weekly cash bonus rewards by placing more orders. The more you sell, the more you earn! Now we will walk you through different platforms you can use to reach out to your customers.

Selling On Whatsapp
Reselling products on Whatsapp with Podkart is very easy. All you have to do is select the catalogs or products you want to share and click on the ‘Whatsapp Share’ option. Next, select the contacts you want to share the products with and send it to them. Podkart’s name or the product price is not mentioned when you share the catalog. So you can quote the price you want to your customer.

Reselling Through Facebook
Just like WhatsApp, you can also use Facebook as your product sharing platform. You can share the products to your Facebook page or wall directly from the app or website. Copy-paste the descriptions of the products and start selling to your customers

Use Instagram to grow your Business
If you have an Instagram account, you can start selling our products through it. Share the catalogs and products directly through your stories or as posts in your account. This is a great way to reach out to your social circle without any hassle.

Start Your Home Based Business Without Any Investment On Podkart
By working as an entrepreneur with Podkart, you will not only be able to make money in a convenient, hassle-free way but also learn the ins and outs of running a business. With a very simple registration process, easy payments, and fast shipping of orders, there is no better way to start your business from scratch. So join Podkart now and become a member of our large nationwide network of entrepreneurs.

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