Why use Podkart.in for all Print on Demand Services

With Podkart.in You can create Custom Clothes using your own personal Photos or Designs.

Embrace your creative side and personalise your custom clothing such as T-shirt Hoodies Polo Caps Coasters High neck Jackets Dress Shirts Sports Jerseys Stationary Mugs Coasters Mouse Pads

If you do not have customised Designs you can go to Podkart.in – Collections, Download the Ready Design T-shirt Mock-ups save on your Mobile or Desktop And Share the Mock-ups on your Website, Amazon, EBay, Instagram, Facebook shop, Get orders and then Register with Podkart.in and Place order through our website Podkart.in and you Pay  through Wallet + we will Print the Merchandise and Ship it.

This is how we make you comfortable by using Podkart.in for you to be a entrepreneur without investing in inventory or Designs just use your Social media marketing to get orders and you ate set to be a entrepreneur / Reseller / Boutique / Shop owner with seamless shipping and more than 20,000 T-shirt design Mock-ups that you can utilize to share on social media + Secure Orders and we ship within 72 Hours.

We also have facilities for your shop to have a customised website if you have a registered Domain Name we can create various ready to pop-up websites for you where in all your products can be managed as well as your customers clothing line can be showcased for you to start selling online and add passive 2nd income for your store.

Podkart.in gives you a platform to bring your enterrenuer dreams come true at initial stage to Check the Online Market Potential for your creative Designs testing whether people admire and buy your designs for you to further take steps in Launching your own brand / Clothing Line / Boutique / Online Shop accordingly.

Join and see the difference of being an entrepreneur by joining Podkart.in as Reseller / Vendor / Client and start reselling in the Print-on-Demand segment


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